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1/10 tips for fitness 1/10個健美的窍门

I am going to write the 10 tips for fitness in the following posts. Now, let’s start with the first one.

  1. Mix your training pattern to avoid the bottle neck

Your progress slows down after 3-4 months training? Our body is really smart to accommodate the changes. It will get used to the style and intensity of exercise and slow down the progress.

What you need to do is just change the pattern or intensity regular. Stimulate your body from different exercises. For example, add extra kg to your squat and other weight training. Run interval instead of steady distance running.



運動3-4個月後,你的進度慢下來嗎? 我們的身體真的很聰明,它會一直適應變化它會習慣運動類型和強度,從而減慢你的進度。

你需要做的只是改變運動類型或強度。 用不同的練習來刺激你的身體。 例如,添加額外的公斤到你的深蹲和其他重量訓練。 運行間隔性跑步代替均速長跑。

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