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Functional Training? 功能性訓練?

If you are my personal training client, you would have heard about "functional training" a lot. So, what is it? Why everyone talk about functional training now?

First of all, let's define it.

1. No sitting down exercises

You have been sitting down for the whole day in office. Why would you need to train this action again?

2. Stability

Most sports and even daily life consist of external variables. For example, outdoor cycling has different gradient of slopes, and running in a park on uneven grassland/track.

So, the machine-based training is not fit in this category. The stability need to be established by the athletes, not environment.

3. Multi-joints movement

How many sports or daily activities are performed by isolated joint action? Specific muscle movement are non functional. Human always moves with a movement pattern. You are not only using legs for jump rope. You are not carry the grocery with biceps only.

If you are not training to be body builder or weight lifting athletes, functional training would be the most efficient and sustainable workout. Especially for gym beginners.



1. 沒有坐著的練習 你已經一整天坐在辦公室。為什麼要再次訓練這個動作?

2. 穩定性 大多數運動甚至日常生活動作都存在許多外在的變數。例如,戶外踏單車會遇上不同的坡度,在公園跑步時會有不平坦的草地/軌跑道。 因此,傳統的機器訓練不適用於功能性訓練。穩定是由運動員自身建立,而不是由環境提供。

3. 多關節運動 有多少運動或日常活動只需要單獨關節進行?單一的肌肉運動是無功能性可言。人類總是以運動模式移動。跳繩時不單只訓練到腳。去菜市場提著東西不單只用到二頭肌。


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