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Non-stop eating to loss weight? 食飽飽才有力氣減肥?

Yes. It is true. Weight control is down to the meal frequency and portion. Except for the healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we also need snack food in between meals to prevent the feeling of hunger. Our brain is designed to keep us survive. If it receives a signal that the body is starving, we naturally eat extra more in the next meal. Even worst, the body will retain more fat in the body if you starve yourself for a long time.

Strict diet may work in short time. However, in long term, your body fat will increase and have the opposite result.

So, what should you eat for the snack? Absolutely NOT ice cream or cookies. You can prepare a small box of nuts, fruit, plain yogurt, whole grain bread, etc. Eat a small amount of them in between meals. Please pay attention to your selection as well. No honey coated nuts, no excess fruits (1 banana or 1 apple is enough).

Remember. You don't have to eat snack unless you feel hungry.

對。 這是真的。 體重控制是膳食的頻率和份量。 除了健康的早餐,午餐和晚餐,我們還需要在兩餐之間的小吃,以防止飢餓的感覺。 我們大腦的作用是讓我們生存。 如果它收到身體飢餓的信號,我們在下一頓飯自然會多吃。 最糟糕的是,如果你挨餓很長時間,身體會保留更多的脂肪。

嚴苛的節食可能在短時間見效。 然而,從長遠來看,你的身體脂肪會增加,有反效果。

那麼,你應該準備甚麼小吃呢? 絕對不是冰淇淋或餅乾。 您可以預備一小盒堅果,水果,純酸奶,全穀物麵包等。在兩餐之間少吃一些。 請注意您的選擇。 沒有蜂蜜塗上堅果,沒有過多的水果(1個香蕉或1個蘋果就夠了)。

記得。 除非你真的感到餓了,否則你不必吃小吃。

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