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Food lover remedies 吃貨的煩惱

Most of the people won't plan their meals and end up buying too much food or junk snack. Set a day in a week to plan your weekly meals. Only take you 10-15 minutes. (which is 1% time of your day) Make a shopping checklist and do the grocery when you are NOT hungry. People usually buy extra stuff when they are starved.

When you magically feel hungry again right after the meal, try to fight the evil inside you. Or whenever you are bored, depressed or stressful, try to distract yourself by doing other non-food-related errands. For example, call up your friends, have a walk outside, look up some fitness Instagram accounts for inspiration... I am quite sure you will lose the appetite after checking those six-packs, toned legs and top guns.

大多數人都不會計劃餐單,最終買了太多食物或垃圾零食。 在每星期定一天,以計劃您整個星期的飲食。 只需要10-15分鐘。 (這只是你一天裡1%時間)做一個購物清單,當你不餓時才買菜。 大家通常在飢餓時買過多東西。

當你吃飯後神奇地又感到飢餓時,嘗試與你內心的邪惡鬥爭。 每當你無聊,沮喪或壓力大的時候,嘗試做非食物相關的事情來分散注意力。 例如,打電話給你的朋友,在外面散步,查看一些健身有關的網紅...我相信你看到那些馬甲線,緊緻的腿和有條條的手臂後,已經沒有胃口再吃。

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