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1 on 1 personal fitness training with Agnes Yu


1. Movement

Mobility, stability, balance, symmetry and movement patterns

In this core pillar, we get the basic movement performed properly before adding any weight or speed. This will build real inner strength and reduce injuries in the long run. 

(Suitable for beginner, office workers, seniors, prenatal, postnatal & injured athlete.)


2. Performance

Endurance, strength, speed, power, agility, coordination

In this second pillar, once the basic movement is correct and consistent, we gradually increase the weight, speed, complexity of the training.
Here typically you see visible body improvements.

(Suitable for fat burn, muscle building & body toning.)


3. Skill

Sport specific training, technique efficiency, running, double-unders, kickboxing, weight lifting and many more

In the final third pillar, we go deeper into drills, techniques and theory. The result of this pillar is to master a technique or sports discipline. 

(Suitable for advanced training or athletes with a strong over all fitness.)


Your Premium Personal Trainer

In Central Munich & Planegg.

We are one of the leading premium providers of personal training in Bavaria with the exclusive training lounge, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative training philosophy. Our well-trained professional team and sports science experts will help you along the way.

As we concern your body and mind, our goal is providing you with the "oasis of well-being". Therefore, we can guarantee an honest, trusting and authentic experience during the training. 

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