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Summer in Munich is so active. A lot of meet up and event. I will show you the event in egym HQ, located in Marienplatz, Munich.

慕尼黑的夏天充滿活力,有很多的活動和聚會。 以下是我最近在慕尼黑Marienplatz參加的egym 總部活動。

I would say that is absolutely stunning to see all those futuristic designed machines. The light changed colours according to the pressure exerted by user. Wrong posture can be detected and the fitness trainer will come over and help.

當我看到這些未來設計風格的機器時,感覺相當震撼。 燈光根據使用者施予的壓力而變色。 檢測到錯誤的姿勢時,健身教練會過來幫忙。

Only member with the contactless card can use the machine. Simply tap it on the sensor and the machine will automatically adjust the seat height and even the angle of handles to fit with your range of motion.

只有擁有晶片卡的會員才能使用機器。 只拍卡在感應器上,機器就會自動調節座椅高度,甚至手柄的角度,以適應您的身體及運動範圍。

All the machines run with computer motor. You don't need to change the weight manually. It is absolutely convenient and you can focus on your training program.

They also have an app for members and trainers. Keep track on every single training. egym works with 11 gyms and studios in Munich like, Elements, Body up and etc.

Click here to learn more about egym.

所有機器都運行電腦摩打。 您不需要手動更改重量。 這是非常方便,而你亦可專心訓練。

他們還有一個應用程序給會員和教練。 跟進每一次訓練。 egym與慕尼黑的11個健身房和合作,例如Elements,Body up等等


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