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Secret Roll

As I said before, a healthy diet is essential for your weight loss program. A cheat meal is also acceptable to keep yourself happy and be a kind of train hard motivation. Here I am going to share one of my cheat meal in a newly opened Japanese restaurant called “Secret Roll”

My friend and I went there last night. It was absolutely stunning!

Nice and clean environment. friendly staffs and good service. A Simple meal with a few sushi and sashimi sets. I was looking at the set called “flamed sushi”. At the beginning, I thought that would be a gimmick name only. When the food arrived, my jaw is totally dropped to the floor.

正如我之前所說,健康的飲食對您的減肥計劃十分重要。 一個獎勵餐也是可以接受的,以保持自己開心,成為一種訓練的動力。 我現在分享一下上週的獎勵餐,在一家名為「Secret roll」新開業的日本餐廳。 我和朋友昨晚去了那裡。 這是一個充滿驚喜的晚餐!

高雅和乾淨的環境。 友好的職員和良好的服務。 一個簡單的餐牌,幾個壽司和刺身套餐。 我注意到一個名為“火艷壽司”。 一開始,我以為只是一個花巧的名字。 當食物來到時,我的下巴真的掉到地上。

It was literally flamed!!!! 是真的有火!!!!!!

In addition to the entertainment, the quality of the sushi was higher than my expectation. It is difficult to get fresh seafood in Munich but they still manage to get it and cook it in creative ways. The sushi roll with crunchy skin outside was my favorite.

We did order the dessert, Mochi (Japanese rice cake dessert stuffed with sweet pastes like strawberry cheesecake, matcha, and chocolate). They were just way too delicious that no one remembered to take photos. You should never skip this dessert.