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New Noodle Place (Hong Kong Style) 麵太郎

Same as usual, sharing my cheat-day meal. It is kind of a food motivation for you to workout hard in the gym. haha

It is a new Chinese restaurant located near to my place. (Just round the corner. A real big temptation for me. lol )

The drink and appetizer were well decorated and fresh. I can still see the meat juice inside the fried chicken.


這是一家位於我附近的新中國餐館。 (就在拐角處,一個真正的大誘惑)


They have noodle and rice for the main course. If a restaurant name contained "noodle", you should definitely try the noodle first, right?

There is one funny thing that you can pick your own soup, noodle type and ingredient as well. Sort of DIY your noodle. Never get bored of the menu.


還有一個有趣的事情,你可以選擇自己的湯,麵條類型和配料。 DIY你的麵,永遠不會覺得悶的菜單。

Never miss the dessert. The Hong Kong style dessert made me felt like home again. They also play the Hong Kong songs as background music. How sweet they are.


Now is the most concerned part, don't worry. The price is reasonable and here are the menus. The owner was very nice to us and serve with a lovely smile. Chopsticks were cute with a sophisticated bag. (Sorry that the food distracted me and forgot to take a photo of those chopsticks.)

現在到最關心的部分,別擔心。價格合理,這裡是菜單。店主對我們非常好,並常常帶著友善的笑容。筷子也非常可愛,還有一個精緻的小袋子。 (不好意思,太專心在吃,忘了拍筷子的照片。)

Name: Slurp Nudelbar 麵太郎

Address: Augustenstrasse 94, 80798 Munich

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