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I hate weight training. I don't want to be hulk. 我不想做重訓,我不想變綠巨人浩克

Every time I heard someone said that I honestly felt a bit angry. It is quite impossible to be a muscular woman if you only train 2 or 3 times a week with a light weight. The strong women, you saw in the Olympic games, spend nights and days on their tough training. And you think you will have that kind of physique easily?

Again. Moderate weight training won't build you like a hulk. Just tone up your muscle which helps you burn fat.

Here is the well-known example. Everybody knows Wonderwoman, Gal Gadot. That was her training with barbell shoulder press. Plus technique combat training.

每次聽到有人這樣說,我真的有點生氣。 如果您每週只是輕輕的訓練2或3次,變成金鋼芭比是不可能的。你在奧運會上看到強壯的女選手,是日與夜艱苦的訓練中練成的。 你認為你會很容易變壯嗎?

再多說一次。 適度的重量訓練不會令你變成綠巨人浩克, 只是緊緻你的肌肉,幫助你燃燒脂肪。

以下是眾所周知的例子。 每個人都認識Wonderwoman,Gal Gadot。 那是她用槓鈴肩壓的訓練,再加上技術戰鬥訓練。

Does she look like the hulk? No. Just healthy and sexy with her body and confidence.

Though this video is very inspiring, please don't do the weight lifting on your own. Get a proper trainer and training program that suitable with your goal.

她看起來像綠巨人嗎? 這是健康、性感和自信。 雖然這個視頻是非常鼓舞人心的,但請不要自己做重量訓練。 請找一個合適的教練和為你的目標定造的計劃。

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