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Body fat percentage? 體脂比率?

So what is body fat? and how does it look like in our body?

Usually, your trainer will take you on a fancy weight scale which can show the body fat. It is the weight of body fat divided by total body weight. For example, if a 60kg woman has 18 kg fat inside the body, then her body fat is 30%.

Here are the appearance and charts about the body fat for men and women. Hope it will get you some ideas of your current body and the body you want to achieve.

什麼是身體脂肪比率? 不同比率看起來有甚麼不同? 通常你的健身教練會叫你站上比較高級的體重秤,檢查你的身體脂肪。 體脂是脂肪的重量除以總體重。 例如,如果一個60kg的女人在體內有18kg的脂肪,那麼她的身體脂肪是30%。

這是男性和女性身體脂肪的外觀和圖表。 希望能給你一些概念你現在的狀況和目標身形。

Source: crossfitinvictus, ACE, AccuFitness and builtlean

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